Protect Your Investments

Guard against the weather with Hi Plains Canvas

The weather in Amarillo can be unpredictable: hot, cold, wind, rain and snow. Given this, our outdoor belongings can take a beating. From boats and vehicles to grills and patios, everything is at risk of damage, day in and day out. That’s why you should consider protecting your investment with a custom canvas cover from Hi Plains Canvas.

Superior products for superior protection

Safeguard your valuables against wind, extreme temperature and water damage. We offer a wide variety of canvas and other durable covering options to protect outdoor furnishings and equipment. This will ensure that these items stay in prime condition for much longer, saving you money over time. With our decades of industry experience, you can count on us to find the perfect solution for whatever challenge you’re facing.

Protect your items from the harsh Panhandle weather by partnering with Hi Plains Canvas in Amarillo today. Call for a free estimate.

Interior damage

You may have a prized boat, motorcycle, sports car, RV or Jet Ski that you like to use in your free time. If so, you’ll want to make sure you protect your vehicles from the elements by using canvas covers. The intense Amarillo heat can quickly damage the leather and vinyl commonly used on these vehicles. The seats and other interior materials can be damaged, resulting in fading and cracking. Canvas covers can keep your leather and vinyl looking flawless.

Exterior damage

As for the outside of your vehicle, the Amarillo sun’s UV rays can cause oxidation that damages the protective coating and alters the color. In the worst cases of sun damage, you will see cracking, flaking and peeling paint. It may seem to be surface damage, but exposing the materials underneath to the elements can eventually threaten the structural integrity of your vehicle. By using canvas covers, you can minimize the damage of the sun’s UV rays.

Wind damage

Amarillo is the third windiest city in the U.S., so the almost constant wind we experience here can also have an effect. With the Amarillo wind comes dust, dirt and other debris that can cause damage to the inside or outside of a vehicle. The tiny particles get in the smallest crevices, creating friction and causing damage. Canvas covers protect your investment from dust and dirt.

Cold and wet

Amarillo residents know that summer heat and spring winds are not the only type of weather that can cause damage. Over the course of the year, Amarillo receives more snow than rain. And we have been known to have dramatic blizzards.

The accumulation of snow on equipment or outdoor furnishings can cause rust that leads to breakage. Protect your outdoor furnishings from cold, wet winters with canvas covers.

Dependable Protection

Are canvas covers really necessary? After all, your outdoor furnishings and equipment are designed for outdoor use. It is true that they often have protective coatings, but those coatings can only offer so much protection. Extreme and frequent weather changes, like the ones we have in Amarillo, require additional defense. Providing a physical barrier, like canvas covers, between your equipment or furniture and the elements really is the best way to ensure your items stay in good shape.

Hi Plains Canvas can create custom canvas covers for your vehicles and equipment. Our canvas covers are made of the highest quality fabric and are designed to last for years. Browse our gallery to see some of the canvas covers we have produced. If you have any questions about our products or services, call us at (806) 353-3536. You can also connect with us via e-mail from our Contact Us page.